Arranmore Island size

Approx 5 km long and 3 km wide
Cumann na mBád, Árainn Mhór is an Irish Sailing Association affiliated club on the island of Árainn Mhór, Co. Donegal, Ireland whose aim is to instill a love of the sea and our beautiful #island environment through boating of all kinds.
We are a Community Co-Operative and run the Community Services Programme on the island of Árainn Mhór, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Places of interest

  • 01 – The Lighthouse

    First built in 1798, the lighthouse was the first functioning lighthouse in Donegal. It was rebuilt in 1865 and was manned by keepers until fully automated in 1982. rock arches and sea caves can be seen nearby

  • 02 – The Old Coastguard Station (derlict)

    Located adjacent to the lighthouse lot. It was burned down during the war of independance in 1921.

  • 03 – Cliffs

    Up to 120 metres high all along the west and north coasts of the island.

  • 04 – Arainn Mhor & Beaver Island Memorial

    Several hundred emigrants from Arainn Mhor settled on Beaver Island in lake Michigan, USA, after the New Landlord Chorley evicted communities still exchange vists. Arainn mhor is now twinned with Beaver Island. the memorial was built in 2000.

  • 05 – Cnoc an Iolir ~ Hill of the Egal

    The island highest point at 750ft. sea eagals bred here in the past

  • 06 – Na Tri Mic O gCorra ~ The Three Stages

    Three sea-stacks situated to the north between Toraigh and Arainn Mhor. In mythology they are said to be a pagan sister and two brothers who were turned to sttone by St. Colmcille as they leapt into the sea at Toraigh inn an attempt to swim to Ariann Mhor or the mainland.

  • 07 – ad Tarrthala Areainn Mhor

    The Arranmore Liftboat has a history of lifesaving going back to 1883 and many are the stories of heroism at individual and colective level.

  • 08 – The Old Graveyard

    Tra an chaisil in the south of the island was given to the islanders in 1775 to bury thier dead following the tragic drowning of nine people on their way to a funeral on the mainland.A new graveyard replaced it in 1992, on the far side of the bay.

  • 09 – Uaimh an Air ~ Cave of Slaughter

    Located at Uilinn in the south of the island, near a prehistoric promontory fort, local lore has it that a Cromwellian captain called Conyngham sluaghtered 70 women and children who had take refuge here in 1641.

  • Beaches

    Visit three of the island’s lovely beaches at Leabgarrow at the Ferry Pier and Athphort and Scoilt na Loinga on the south coast of the island